Assurer son véhicule est ce une obligation ?

Is insuring your vehicle an obligation?

Insuring your vehicle is an obligation for all drivers who use French roads. But contrary to what you may think, basic car insurance is not used to defend the car. Desired since 1958 and governed by the Insurance Code, motor insurance was created, in accordance with legislation, to cover damage caused to third parties and passengers.  It is also recommended to insure your boat, for this visit the site: .

Motor liability insurance

Quite simply, “third party” insurance, also known as motor third party liability insurance policy coverage, is the most basic type of contract to cover your car. This is the minimum automobile insurance required by law. It is therefore the cheapest insurance coverage for motorists. As the most basic policy, third-party auto insurance offers only limited coverage. As part of its own civil liability policy, it covers bodily injury and material damage that may be caused to a third party for an injury for which you are liable. The damage you have caused is not covered. In real terms, in the event of a responsible claim, you will have to finance the repairs to your vehicle and compensate your own injuries. For boat insurance, it will be necessary to contact experienced professionals.

Third party insurance: more information

All risk insurance is opposed to the third party insurance policy, which is a mandatory minimum insurance with a “civil liability policy”, and only covers damage caused by other persons. Unlike the latter, even an insurance policy guarantees you the repair policy in case of damage or corrosion. Therefore, even when you are liable for the damage, you will receive compensation, but this insurance has its limits. Make no mistake about it, the wording “all dangers” can be confusing, because in reality it does not make it possible to ensure everything. Especially because you will need to purchase an optional coverage to complete it. However, even if you withdraw a “salary supplement”, you should be aware that exclusions are provided, especially if the all-risk insured has not complied with the Highway Traffic Act.

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